On my first official day on the island my host parents took me on a trip to see some of lithic Orkney’s finest. My comrade and fellow archaeology student/part time blogger Beth was along for the ride, and finally put up pictures of me next to one of the standing stones in the Ring of Brodgar. In the left photo you can see the mountains. In the right photo you can see more of the ring rocks.




The UK’s Northampton Museum could face new harsh sanctions for the sale of the ancient Egyptian Sekhemka statue. Sanctions include possible suspension of member status in the UK’s largest museum organisation, the British Museum Association.

The British Museum’s Association will hold a…



The Orkney Wireless Museum has books filled with pictures from World War II, here are a few of my favorites -

1. The HMS Hood at Scapa Flow before it was sunk by the Bismark. Fun fact: former Doctor Who actor Jon Pertwee was sent ashore with other non-essential personnel before the ship was destroyed.

2. Scottish troops in special uniform and at attention.

3. Type setting for The Hatston Chronicle, the newspaper for the Hatston Royal Naval Air Station.

4. Air Mechanics working on a damaged Martinet aircraft in May 1945.

5. Italian POWs held on Orkney made their own entertainment, including plays and building a church for sunday worship (today the “Italian Chapel” is a big tourist hotspot). This photo is of the camp band.

6. Winston Churchill visits the Scapa Flow fleet and troops.

7. Testing a 20 inch signal projector at Wee Fea station, Lyness, to capital ships in Scapa Flow.



The Orkney Fencing Club has been kind enough to accept me into their midst. I’ve never picked up a foil or worn one of these bee-keeper masks, but according to the team’s fearless leader I’m a natural. Everyone was kind enough to show me how to put on the jacket and block an attack. I even won two matches. At the end of the night some time is dedicated to a game called “pirates” which is five minutes of all-out chaos and sword swinging. I’m so excited to pick it back up again next week!